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,Total amount of money chasing IPO shares for 2021 likely to reach record breaking numbers

IT IS well known that there is ample liquidity in equity markets around the world, including Malaysia.

To get some perspective of the amount of money coming into the market, a look at four ACE Market listings that sold their shares in the first three months of this year, tells an interesting story.

These four listings attracted a whopping RM1.47bil of money chasing after only RM94mil worth of public portion shares of those four companies on sale.

In comparison, for the whole of 2019, for which there were four listings on the main board and 11 on the ACE market, a total of RM1.85bil in applications were made by investors.

Last year, there were two Main Board and 10 ACE Market listings, which attracted RM1.9bil in applications for those public shares.

Hence going by the trend of the first quarter of 2021, the total amount of money chasing IPO shares for the whole year, is very likely to reach record breaking numbers.

One of the four listings this year is ACE Market bound Flexidynamic Holdings Bhd.

It’s public portion of shares was oversubscribed by a mind-boggling 155.72 times.

Another company that had a high oversubscription rate - of 92.17 times - is Mobilia Holdings Bhd, that got recently listed on the ACE Market.

Late Friday, one more company heading for a listing revealed similar strong interest. Volcano Bhd, a manufacturer of nameplates and plastic injection moulded parts headed for the ACE Market, saw its public portion oversubscribed by a massive 176.6 times. It is raising RM8.75mil from the IPO exercise but attracted RM512.82mil worth of IPO share applications.

So what gives? Are these companies really that attractive that so many investors are chasing to get a piece of those shares? Or are the advisors doing a really good job marketing these companies to investors?

Without taking anything away from the above two factors, the answer of the strong interest is just the presence of increased liquidity in the market which in turn seems to be driven by a few factors.

An investment banker puts it down to two factors. “The continued bullish market coupled with the low interest rate regime. Fixed Deposit rates for these individuals are just too low. Hence the strong interest in new flotations on the stock market.”

As at Jan 2021, there was a whopping RM2 trillion sitting in bank deposits, according to Bank Negara data. Not all of that money will make its way into the market but with interest rates low and investing options squeezed by the pandemic, some of that money is making its way into IPO shares and even listed equities.

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